The Business of Political Merchandise

Making America Great Again One MAGA Hat at a Time

Americans have been purchasing political products for decades. Since the time of Abraham Lincoln people have shown a deep interest in political products. At the very first presidential inauguration, people were wearing metal pins with phrases such as “Long Live the king”.

MAGA hats and other products are a symbol of Donald Trump’s campaign, and source of inspiration for a number of memes and parodies. Each MAGA product sold is counted as a campaign contribution. The best seller product is the Trump 2020 MAGA hats. Different sources from the company claim that hundreds of thousands of MAGA hats have been sold since Trump began his first presidential run.

MAGA products have become the most recognizable piece of political swag in the recent history. The iconic red cap with Make America Great Again written on it, retail for $25, and has been sold in tens of thousands and has also won symbol of the year from Stanford Symbolic System Program.

Since Trump’s installation in the office, the products have become more popular from they were before. It is not just the political supporters of the Trump who buy these hats and other products but they have become a choice for many other people too. Tourists are also found to be very excited for these products.

Donald Trump has made hats embroidered with the phrase “Make America Great Again” — an icon of his campaign and frequent giveaway item during his rallies.

These products with “Make America Great Again” have become an identity marker for most of the people. But the Make America Great Again hat is not a statement of policy. It’s a declaration of identity. It calls out to a time — back in some sepia-tinged period — when America was greater than it is now, which for a lot of Americans means a time when this country still had a lot of work to do before it was even tolerant of — let alone welcoming to — them and their kind. Some see an era of single-income families, picket fences and unlocked doors. Others see little more than the heartbreak of redlining, walkers and beards, and the “problem that has no name.”

The products have also face controversy. There have been claims that the products are not manufactured in America and are being manufactured in China. Many others call these claims as false and baseless. Even the main stream USA media like CNN is attempting to defame the President and using fake propaganda against him.

President Donald Trump for his re-election in 2020 has released the new products for his campaign. This time the products carry the slogan “Keep America Great”. It is an update to previous one. President Trump promised to ‘Make America Great Again’ and now we have to keep it great. These products especially caps are also being sold at a very rapid pace.

The products have also got a lot of space on the internet. It is the source of inspiration for a number of memes. Ecommerce stores claim that they have made a ‘killing on Trump’s Election’. These stores have made a huge amount of digital cash from all around the world as people rushed to buy pins, slogans and other MAGA products.